OT Grantham Much More to Fall

Famed investor Jeremy Grantham said that he expects the S&P 500 (SP500) and the Nasdaq (COMP.IND) to fall about double from recent levels.

“The other day we were down 19.9 on the S&P and about 27 on the Nasdaq,” Grantham said earlier in a CNBC interview. “I would say that at minimum we are likely to do twice that and if we are unlucky, which is quite possible, we will do three legs like that and it may take a couple of years, as it did 2000.”

“This bubble superficially looks like very much like 2000, focused on U.S. tech, led by Nasdaq going to incredible highs,” Grantham added.

Grantham’s comments come after his January commentary that the stock market is in a “superbubble” and he expected the S&P 500 to plunge about 45% from current levels to a mark around 2,500.



Ignore these doomsday callers and permabears. Use this opportunity to dollar cost average and don’t try to time or wait for bottom

War will end, Supply chain will unclog, China will reopen, Great resignation will end, Inflation will get under control.
Trillions of dollars of wealth will be created over this decade.

Market will make new highs. Always has, always will.


Sounds like you are a Preacher by profession?

I wish that damn Grantham would keep his mouth shut. Why? Well, well know why…we just don’t want to deal with it!

When was the last time that GMO’s funds beat the market?