OT: Hard Crash Alert

We have a Fuji Persimmon tree in our yard whose upper branches were still pretty full of fruit, even after our harvesting several bushels from it. If you have never had a Fuji Persimmon before, they can be quite sweet.

Yesterday a masked visitor came through and discovered the joy of the fruited branches, eating about half of what was there. Today he demolished the rest of them and we found him in a sugar crash…or possibly a diabetic coma! Rocky Racoon crashed hard from his sugar binge. We were blowing leaves from below him up in the tree and he hardly budged, other than to settle in deeper to the branches.

Tis the time for sugar binges. Watch your diet over the holidays and use moderation. In the very least, go comatose in a bed or couch. Trees are for experts. Rocky sure seems to have tree snoozing down to an art.



Have you considered that the persimmons may have fermented? I have seen a number of birds get drunk on fruit that has been hanging for a while.

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Possible, but it’s been refrigerator/freezer temps out there. That said, I fear my diagnosis is as serious as my lack of medical/veterinary degree.

After his nap, Rocky went back to nimbly scarfing the remaining few fruit left on the tree…with great dexterity.