OT: How a Venezuelan landed a British client

The marvels of the WWW! I met a web designer, a Kiwi, on the WWW, on TMF. He opened an account with the same web host I was using run by an Aussie in Los Angeles, CA. One day he ran into problems with some Chinese software he was using. Not being a coder he asked me, a Venezuelan, for help. My specialty was user interface and relational databases. This blossomed into a collaboration that lasted several years until he unfortunately died of cancer. He would sell his designs to his customers and ask me to do the back-end. Our websites were running in New Zealand and Australia. A fellow Kiwi had a sports medicine practice in London and I was asked to do the database for their website.

This story includes New Zealand, the USA, China, Australia, Britain, and Venezuela – four continents! – and it was born from a casual “meeting” at TMF. Isn’t that a modern marvel?

Denny Schlesinger