OT, how much the synergy between football and gambling takes

Tidbit on the “news” the other day, wrt betting on the Superbowl. An estimated 29M USians will lay down some $23B on one game. As we know, a big chunk of that $23B will land in the pockets of the “JCs”, for nothing given up on their part.


The tech revolution makes this a slam dunk for the owners. In the old days a book had to know what the line was, set the odds, and make sure the money was coming in as he thought it would or else run to “lay off” some of his exposure with someone else before the event, which often meant physically finding another book who would take the bets for balance.

Now the machine can just set the balance in real time, skim a portion for the owner (like having ‘00’ on the roulette wheel) and head on down the road. Nice work if you can get it.

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Lemme get that door for yall

Yall, too, can be bookies.


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Here’s Reuter s description of the Las Vegas Sphere, where the SB will take place.


Sounds impressive.