I need some help with something.

I have just added an ipfs node to my machine. I need child CIDs to be seen in the parent files which are json files.

Can any of you help with this? I am new to it.

Much appreciated

This is specifically what I need help with…

What If I Need The CIDs Inside The Folder?

In order to get all of the child file CIDs, you’re going to need to be running your own local IPFS node. You will need to add the folder to your IPFS node and then run the following command from the command line:

ipfs dag get <FOLDER CID>

Since the node is on my own machine I have just downloaded CAR both the animations and the json files. The animations files are the children. I figure the command line in Windows needs to work with folders on my machine. Correct?

The terminal is the next thing I need to study. I have not used a command prompt in years.

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