OT - Just an observation and hope.

OT - This is just an observation and hope, so please don’t respond on the board. I simply observed that, after yesterday’s fairly large rise, our high-risk stocks started out today way down, turned around during the day, and finished at about breakeven (I was down less than one tenth of a percent at the close), even when all of the five market indexes I compare against closed down much more, although they had much much less of gains to give back (down 0.88%, 0.84%, 0.55%, 0.55%, 0.42%).

It makes me wonder if just possibly, just possibly (hope, hope, hope), last Friday was bottom for our stocks.



Again, please don’t reply on the board and start a long off-topic thread. If you have something you’d just love to say, please send it to me off board. Thanks.


Wishful thinking… the decline will run through the remainder of this year… quite possibly longer.