OT Labour markets in days of yore

I guess I’d never wondered about the origins of this song…


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…with a different arrangement from Fairport Convention

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And for more Ralph McTell (his second most covered composition)

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Hiring fairs! The Irish Rovers weighted in on that topic over fifty years ago. 'ol Grady was a real “JC”. When the contract worker died, Grady used him for fertilizer.

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The JC’s ideal economy is desperation for the labor.

Ayup. A “buyer’s market” for labor. It’s been decades since I read “How Green Was My Valley”. Wasn’t there a beat in the story about out of work men coming to the village seeking work in the mine, and the mine “JC” pitting the men against each-other for who was willing to work for the least?

Some twenty years ago, a POTUS proposed a “guest worker” program. The provisions of the program were, first: no-one was allowed entry unless they already had a job lined up (so the program only benefited “JCs” who had the means to have a hiring agent in Mexico) and, second: the “guests” could only work the job they had been admitted to work, for some specified number of years. If they left the job for a better opportunity, they would be immediately deported. Even if they stuck out the job they were admitted for, they would still be deported at the end of their stint. As soon as I read about that program, the phrase that came to mind was “indentured servant”.



As long as we are in an Irish music frame of mind, coverage of the Apollo missions on CBS was sponsored by Gulf Oil, back when Gulf was a major company.

The Clancy brothers wrote new lyrics for one of their existing songs for this ad touting Gulf’s then new oil terminal in Ireland.

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