OT: market under pressure

no surprise :wink:

For the fourth session in a row, the action slapped the market with stalling or distribution — both signs of institutional selling. The cluster of distribution shifted the market’s condition from confirmed uptrend to uptrend under pressure. The Nasdaq’s distribution-day count remained at nine as the Oct. 26 distribution day fell off the count. After five weeks, a distribution day is no longer relevant to current conditions.

With risk increasing in the market, investors need to watch their holdings more closely. Taking some profits would be a good step.

Dist days Naz-9, S&P-4


I suspect they will call “uptrend resumes” after today’s move, if there is decent volume. But we don’t care :wink:

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uptrend resumes

Except for biotechs …

But we don’t care :wink:

I can hear the rain falling without turning on the weather channel. It’s something that sailors pick up. I suppose investors pick up market trends. :wink:

Denny Schlesinger