OT: Mathematics proves something we already knew

Of course Bach is the greatest composer. Ever.

A lot of folks don’t know that Johann had a younger brother named Albie.

Schwarzenegger is a big fan of his. You know, Albie Bach.


Is this another one of those things, like the " Mozart effect"?


OK so I read the piece twice and still don’t really understand it. Perhaps my brain is too foggy this early, or perhaps it’s a poorly written explanation, but I’m going to go with “WTIF are they talking about?” Where “I” stands for “infinite”, and also passes the nanny filter muster.

Bach is ponderous and heavy, mostly. (I say this as a 15 year piano student.) Mozart is light, airy, and complex. My favorite, Beethoven, is somewhere in the middle. Van Halen is, uh, from a different planet.

If I had to “expose a child” to one of the above, it would be Mozart, infinite in its complexity but light and memorable, opposed to the ponderous chords of Bach. (I always liked banging out B & B, and hated Mozart for exactly the opposite reason: too much information, too difficult to sequence with perfection. When you’re hammering chords it’s not so important to get it right, it’s important to “feel” it right. Big difference in the finger bones.

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No accounting for taste. :grin:

I come from my background as a finger-picking guitar player for over 55 years. I told my dad I wanted to learn guitar (thinking Beatles). Much to my surprise, he said yes and bought me a classical guitar and years of classical guitar lessons. He was NOT thinking Beatles.

I play a variety of songs, including Beatles, but always acoustic finger-picking. Couldn’t play with a pick if my life depended on it.

I love Bach, play several of his songs, and am currently learning Joy of Man’s Desiring. It’s such a beautiful tune. Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart for me.

Who’s Van Halen?

Speaking of different planets, Tommy Emmanuel.