OT: Morgan Housel on Market Crashes

Very OT so please, if you have comments reply back to me only and not the board. I couldn’t resist posting this.

Housel hasn’t been with the Fool for a few years now. He wasn’t a Saul-type investor. If I recall correctly, most of his money was in Index Funds and he preferred to have a high cash reserve. I personally stay fully invested almost at all times, and with this sector rotation, I’m still fully invested and took a beating today like most of you.

Housel used to write about human behavior as it relates to markets more so than stock analysis. I loved his writing and for those of you looking for ways to keep a cash reserve and deploy it systematically here are a couple of articles of his that I remember when they came out years ago and I still love (even if I don’t follow his plan). You might find this useful and something you can adopt and adjust to your liking.

“What I Plan to Do When the Market Crashes”

“How I Think About Cash: The Value of Optionality”

Even though Housel no longer writes for the Fool, I’ve continued to follow him ever since. You can find him here: