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How many Senators in the US are atheist?

Just wondered

How many Senators in the US are atheist?

I don’t know of any that would openly say they are.

Being a “person of faith” is a usual prerequisite for getting elected.

According to this:


Maybe one (Tammy Duckworth).


How many Senators in the US are atheist?

However many, it isn’t enough.



Indeed, I’ve been reading a bit more Dawkins recently (Selfish Gene, God Delusion, Books Do Furnish a life)

He’s made that point and it’s quite startling. Considering the progress of science and it’s the year 2022 what does this say about the US?

In July 1969 I went to a place called Joe’s Beach on large lake in North Carolina with a friend from school. This place had all kinds of recreation and a campground, band stage, boats pulled up to a man-made sandy beach…a lot of people having family fun.

On the loudspeakers an A.M. radio host was ranting about the fake news moon landing. On-and-on this man discussed the mainstream media attempts to convince people of the lies of space travel. A band intermittently during the day played country music also on the stage.

Later in the day a preacher got on stage and screamed for an hour condeming the fake news moon landing as “THE WORK OF THE DEVIL.” It was a passionate sermon. Not one person at Joe’s Beach believed we had landed on the moon.

I went home to my dad who owned the local newspaper where he was the editor…I ran up to him saying, “Dad, nobody there believed in the moon landing!” Dad, a big man who played both ways for Duke when Duke beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, looked down at me somewhat frustratingly and simply said, “Welcome to the other half young man.”

Nothing has changed. What sells to voters is what sells to voters. Science isn’t one of the better selling items.


Hey there !

A person believes what they want to believe. Just because they believe it wont make it a fact. If I believe it, it’s true for me but that doesn’t make it true for you … fact is fact.

Rich (haywool)

What about logic and reason?
If something is known ie that God doesn’t exist why be a fool, what’s the logic behind that?

And in terms of Senators, if they’re saying they have faith when they don’t just to win votes. What about their credibility and that of the system itself?

Are you being a little naive, my friend? Don’t be too harsh on the Senators. Most of them are probably guilty of more heinous sins. And for those who genuinely believe in God then why can’t they? It’s supposed to be a free country.

Most UK MPs probably don’t believe in God nowadays but aren’t they virtually all guilty of bowing down to that more modern deity, the National Health Service?

Back to more relevant matters, In Warren and Charlie I still trust!


As for the NHS, I think Mr Munger is a supporter.



I’m genuinely interested! I personally believe anyone who has faith or believes in a deity is stupid. Harsh but true.

Define deity.
It is easy to convince a rational person (convince, not prove) that a God as described in the Old Testament is not all-good (eg killing Egyptian babies to prove a point to the Pharoah), or all-powerful (since He could not fight against Syrians on plains), or care about human lives (since He is almost egregiously prone to killing people, and that is a point of pride to Bible writers).

That is a far cry from believing that the universe is random. Never mind you cannot truly define random - except as something unpredictable for your state of knowledge. Anyway, it is a reasonable belief that there is an underlying order (R.ta in Sanskrit or Qi in Chinese). It is an irrational belief, no doubt, because it is unprovable. But maybe not stupid if someone believes it to be true.


Maybe take this over to the Atheist board?


Deity as in creator.

We have physics and evolutionary biology to explain our existence, with a lot more yet to be discovered. Eg Big Bang theory and creation of the Universe.

The argument that the unknown cannot yet be explained so there must be a creator is flawed.

The scientific evidence already presented blows the creationist argument / theory out of the water.


Last post…

Richard Dawkins gives “one in the eye” to the creationists, literally.


Worth a watch 5 million views and self explanatory.


If something is known ie that God doesn’t exist why be a fool, what’s the logic behind that?

“To know that you do not know is the best.
To think you know when you do not is a disease.
Recognizing this disease as a disease is to be free of it.”

? Lao Tzu

Socrates et al had various iterations of this. But what I get from this is: “To know what I don’t know, is to know”.

But I really don’t know. Know? :slight_smile:

I think to summarise,

We know what we know (as we progress with science) and
We know there’s a lot we don’t know (yet to be discovered, also because of science)

The fact we know that we don’t know yet is good to know (because we keep striving to know more and don’t reach for non rational non scientific explanations)

An excellent 1hr interview with Dawkins which discusses it all. Worth a watch.


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