OT - my razor portfolio

In the past, I’ve sold razors here and there on eBay. I had especially good luck selling the Gillette Atra razor with the metal handle, the version they made before coming out with a plastic handle. Before local stores completely ran out of stock, I could find a bunch for $10 each or less. Back then, they sold on eBay for $60 or $70 each. A few years ago, noticing that Sensor razors were disappearing from store shelves in favor of the Mach 3 and Fusion, I bought quite a few for $2.50 each at Big Lots (ticker symbol BIG :), as well as various other versions (Sensor 3, Sensor Excel, etc.) from drugstore distributors and sellers on Amazon. Then a lot of things happened, and I stopped selling for a couple of years.

Tonight I happened to check eBay, and the Atra razors are going for well over $100, and those $2.50 Sensor razors are going for well over $50.

So, on a small scale, I have better than a 10-bagger. It’s kind of like buying a couple dozen shares of, say, Nvidia or Shopify a few years ago and forgetting about it until now.

The liquidity of razors isn’t nearly as good, though. I don’t think I can sell two of the same kind in a week, though I might be able to sell several different models in a week. It also depends on how many others happen to be selling at the same time.

But still, it’s a MUCH happier situation than finding a bunch of Beanie Babies tucked away in a long-forgotten box.


It must be collectors driving up the price of some of them, because this more recent version sells for a “normal” price:


But this is the kind of stuff I’m lucky to be holding:


I didn’t get into this originally looking to make money - razors were a hobby (I like to try them all out, and I’m the moderator at a forum about old-school safety razors), and the rest was serendipity.

As far as the stock market goes, Gillette is owned by PG, a big, lumbering, slow company not of too much interest here, and most other major brands (American Safety Razor/Personna, Schick, Wilkinson) are now owned by an Energizer spinoff called Edgewell, which seems to be struggling.

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