OT: Napoleons invasion of Russia

I have not been able to find a modern map overlay of Napoleons invasion of Russia. The problem is that the old maps do not show Belarus nor Ukraine.

Just looking at what I can find it appears that Napoleon invaded north of Ukraine so Ukraine was not strategically important to him.

The German invasion maps or a little better, but still not as clear as I would hope. This reveals a sad ignorance on my part and I should study the napoleonic and Nazi invasions in detail.

Ideas welcome.


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Just re-read Stalingrad by Beevor. Detailed description of the southern wing of Barbarossa through Ukraine to Stalingrad.

for Napoleon start with


as it is one of the greatest graphic displays ever created. It shows the key towns and rivers on the routes in and out, as well as the deaths of soldiers over space and time.

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Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of Russia, evolved from General Marcks’ plan of August 1940, which prioritised the destruction of the bulk of the Red Army in Belorussia (modern Belarus) and the capture of Moscow.

This plan was heavily amended in successive studies, with Hitler downgrading the importance of taking Moscow in favour of capturing Leningrad (now St Petersburg) and the Ukraine. As finalised, the objectives of the three army groups were:

  1. Army Group North was to advance from East Prussia through the Baltic States and join with the Finns to take Leningrad.

  2. Army Group Centre’s initial operations from its concentration areas around Warsaw were intended to clear the traditional invasion route to Moscow as far as Smolensk, before swinging north to support the attack on Leningrad. After the city was taken, the advance on Moscow was to be resumed.

  3. Army Group South, including Romanian and Hungarian divisions, was tasked with taking the rich agricultural lands of the Ukraine and clearing the Black Sea coast.


See the map in the article showing the route of the Army Group Center avoiding the Pripet Marshes.