OT: New Rule Breaker Picks

Made you look! These are from the latest Rule Breaker Podcast, Feeding the Bear market. First they review the last time the did it a couple years ago. He looked at stocks they had rated as low risk, but with small companies.

He picked Carters (CRI)+38%, IPGP+194%, ELLI+40%, Planet Fitness (PLNT)+138%, MELI+292%
S&P up 42% over the same time.
Overall, they beat the market by 292% ahead of the market

This time he went big (market cap $150B or more)(also low risk ratings) and warned us the returns could not possibly be as good: AAPL, Goog, AMZN, Novonordisk (NVO), TenCent TECHY

For holding period of 3+years