OT: OTOH Turk FB whacked for Putin chant

5h ago (19:07 GMT) - Al Jazeera

The Turkish Fenerbahce football club has been handed a one-game partial stadium closure, suspended for two years, and fined 50,000 euros ($50,900) by UEFA after their fans chanted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s name during a Champions League match.

Supporters of the Turkish club sang the name of Putin after Vitaliy Buyalskyi’s goal for Dynamo Kyiv in the Ukrainian club’s 2-1 extra-time victory, which dumped the Turks out of the Champions League last month.

The punishment was for “the throwing of objects and transmitting a provocative message of an offensive nature, i.e. illicit chants,” UEFA said in a statement.




Many years ago I worked with a small Turkish family here in the states. They were expats.

First day on the job the boss turns to me as says, “no matter what you hate Fenerbahce. You hate Fenerbahce them no matter what.” So I asked why. “Fenerbahce is my wife’s team. You love Galatasaray”. With that Galatasaray gained a fan.

His wife caught up with me later. LOL

Well, his soul will probably cross paths with a Taiwan Missile specialist who happened to have a “heart attack” just recently –

Apparently “missile experts” suddenly dying is aa multinational event:



Apparently “missile experts” suddenly dying is aa multinational event:


You mean arrested. One died because he had stage 4 cancer.