OT - Our Board

So I had TTD in my portfolio before I discovered this board. But it wasn’t my largest position until the last few months. I used to have over 70 stocks in my portfolio. I’m down to 20 ---- with my top 7 looking pretty familiar to what many of you have. In order, TTD, TWLO, ZA, BA (i know very different than what you all have…but it’s a beauty), AYX, MDB, ABMD.

What I really wish to say is just a thank you to all of you (particular thanks to our Chief…Saul) for helping me completely think differently. I know I’ve said that before yet wish to just say thank you all once more.

The results are frankly stunning. I’m pretty much in awe…

I believe our board is the BEST source of knowledge that there is in retail investing.

Best wishes to all,



I know it is OT so I will keep it brief…

My husband got a call from our brokerage account to ask how we were doing and how they could be of help. But ended conversation with “BTW, how do you find your wonderful picks?”

(He doesn’t, I don’t, this Board and NPI do! I wish I had time or experience to contribute more)



I have been following this boars for about 3 years and have been investing for about two.

I have not been the best at making picks or at eliminating losers, even so, today the first, and smallest portfolio that I started adding “Saul” stocks to has more than doubled.

I keep reading, probably the hardest lesson to learn, “We aren’t here to get married, just dance with the prettiest girl in the room.”

Look at the stocks, when they quit
performing or when one that can perform better comes along, let one go and pick up another.