OT - Revenue/Margin Analysis

What tools/websites are you guys using to track revenue growth, GM growth, etc .? For example, Saul posted the below on YoY revenue growth for AYX:

2016: 57 67
2017: 61 50 55 55
2018: 50 54 59

What tools/websites are you guys using to track revenue growth, GM growth, etc

That’s a reasonable question if you are just starting out on this adventure. For example, to get those figures for a new stock, ABCD, that interests me, what I would do is Google “ABCD Investor Relations”. Once arrived, I’d go to Earnings Reports, Earnings Releases, Press Releases, or whatever they call it. I’d read the most recent quarterly earnings press release and pull Revenue off it. Often they will even say Revenue was up xx%, which makes it easy, but if they say revenue was $65 million, up from $50 million a year ago, I pull out my little hand calculator and see revenue was up 30%. If I want the figures for 8 quarters, I just go backwards and skim previous press releases, not read them all the way through the way I did for the most recent. If you are just looking for revenue, GM, EPS, etc, it will take you 1-2 minutes per press release. I would not get my data off Yahoo or similar tabulations, because who knows what misinformation their computers might have grabbed. I get it from the company itself. I figure that if I am going to invest my good money based on this information it’s worth getting it right. I hope that helps.


Hi JKB2016

I agree with Saul that there is no substitute for manual confirmation

but for a quick check, the free webull app is very good if you click under financials > Financial Statements > income statement it gives a YoY number

for quick ballpark fwd EV/S I like to look at the the free marketscreener.com website (click under the financials tab for any given stock).

eg https://www.marketscreener.com/ALTERYX-INC-34336524/financia…

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