OT: Russian Disinformation Hits 11 Today

Well, at least none of the three whipped out a Sharpie™ and started drawing Cones of Invasion on the map, so there’s that. But this is pretty damned pathetic. Polina Ivanova translates this overflowing kettle of stinky word salad cabbage stew from three Russian generals running damage control and giving second-hand Putinsplainin’. It’s like the Pep Boys channeling Baghdad Bob here. Quite embarrassing for military men with this rank:


336) #StandWithUkraine #DefeatPutin #PutinWarCriminal

Wow, has the narrative changed from Day 1 to Day 29. Check out this thread:
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Polina Ivanova
· 1h
Russia’s military held a big briefing this afternoon, announcing the war was entering a ‘second phase’.

Here’s a summary of how Russia, at this point in the war, is depicting what it set out to do, why, and where we’re at. (relaying their words, pls don’t shoot msnger)
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337) #StandWithUkraine #DefeatPutin #UkraineStrong

Retired US Army Brig. Gen. Kevin Ryan deciphers what the 3 Russian Generals above in tweet #336 are really saying: