OT: Russians Done Did It This Time

They bombed Poland and killed two people. I doubt they are going to invoke Article 5, but probably will invoke Article 4, which is basically to hold a meeting. The result of that meeting could well be to provide more air defenses for Ukraine.

At least one missile reportedly hit the town of Przewodow, Poland, just over the border from Ukraine, killing two people, according to a Polish official — a potentially provocative strike, even if inadvertent, on territory of a NATO ally.


Cooler heads are prevailing, thankfully. If the rockets turn out to be Russian, this is not good.

If Russia thinks Ukraine is getting too many weapons from NATO now, he ain’t seen nothing yet.

I doubt it was intentional given Russia’s incompetence and it’s shoot first, ask questions later philosophy. But it will have repercussions.


We’re playing with fire here. The worst case is that Russia starts getting weapons from NATO. But not the whole weapon, just the warhead.

Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail.

The last I heard is that the Pentagon is still trying to confirm there were actually missiles in Poland. And if so, they would also need to confirm their origin. It would not be out of the question for some third party to have set off a bomb in Poland to mimic a missile attack in an attempt to inflame tensions in the area.

Edit: Yes, I know that Russia launched quite a barrage of missiles into Ukraine at the time, so it would not surprise me if one strayed off course or was given bad coordinates. I think that a deliberate attack is unlikely, but not impossible.


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Indeed, several nuclear nations such as North Korea would be more likely to survive if they used their weapon to fake an attack from someone else. If source cannot be proven, response may be limited.

But satellite images are likely to show the origin of rockets or aircraft if they were used.

That’s what I was thinking. Seems the US would have sats monitoring activity in Ukraine continuously. Do those sats have the capability of tracking every missile flying in the area?


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I’m going to make a guess that no one in Russia targeted a Polish farm with a couple of multi-million dollar cruise missiles just to get NATO upset. Assuming this is not agent provocateur stuff, it’s either going to be missiles whose guidance system got out of kilter or else that were hit by anti-missile fired and pushed off-course.

If NATO does decide to take revenge militarily, it will be interesting to see how they calibrate the response in order to avoid doing it on territory which Russia claims is part of the motherland.



I’m reminded that McArthur wanted permission to attack in China because troops fighting in North Korea where supplied from there. And didn’t Nixon bomb Laos due to supplies coming into North Viet Nam from there.

This is a common problem in modern limited warfare. We have already had news reports of Russian oil tanks being attacked. Munitions stores. Or ships at sea might come up.

Will there be a Nato response? Or will it be another, “You better not do that again,” as is typical political correctitude.


I think it’s more like a game of nuclear chicken. How far can one group push into the other before things quickly spin out of control?

The challenge would be: If the US et al were to do a shock and awe routine on the east bank of the Dnieper River in a hissy fit over a couple of Russian missiles hitting Poland, what should Russia do as a proportional response (assuming we believe that they believe that it is a physical part of Russia).



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NATO could supply Ukraine with longer range artillery/rockets capable of hitting Moscow and ask then to use them with RESTRAINT!

Please don’t aim at the Kremlin!

Aim at the Crimean end of the Kerch Strait Bridge instead!

The Captain


I do not know the specifics of weapons systems but there are a few pain points for Ukraine’s military.

Not the range to strike deep into Russia but the limitation on areas within 40 to 60 miles inside of Russia where troops and supplies are along Ukraine’s border.

The biggest pain point is air defence. That definitely will get rectified. I do not think the Russians did this on purpose but boy is Putin going to regret it.

The other pain point is the Russian Navy in the Black Sea. Those systems may get upgraded to a longer range missile to take out ships further out.

It would not surprise me if all three pain points were addressed by NATO.

The Russian response will be nada. Putin does not have anything to fight us with. Yes he can throw crap at us but it wont be worth it. At that point we would strip all the countries in Russia’s orbit off of Russia and Putin. Possibly our first act would be to take putin’s life. That would stop the Russians from fighting while we strip their budding sick little empire.

Apparently the latest news on this is that Ukraine missiles hit Poland vs Russian…doc

Poland Hit By Ukraine - Bing News


It’s also helpful to point out that the Ukrainian missiles are most likely defensive weapons used to shoot down incoming Russian missiles.

Which, if true, really puts the blame back on Russia.



I expext massive FUD, planted dis/mis information, social media trolls “guiding” the discourse, miscourse.
Echo chambers reverberating with their sheeple messages.

Give it 6 weeks. Or 6 months, or 3 years. Or 50 + years.

ralph wants sane heads to guide the recourse.


Yes the head or a head of Nato is saying Ukraine is not to blame.