OT: Saul's Get Rich Quick Scheme

Well we figured out Saul’s master plan. Grow a large enough following on this board and use reverse psychology telling us “not to just follow him” to trick us into just following him so he can get 20% one day pops after his monthly earnings…bravo

That was all a joke. I love this board and think Saul is very popular, but I don’t think him announcing a relatively small position in two stocks had that large of an effect.

Time will tell though!


Hey guys, I was just kidding. Guardant Health had about a $3 billion (that’s BILLION) market cap going into today. My announcing a 3% position isn’t what was going to bounce that up 28% in a day! Similarly, Elastic had a $5 billion market cap going into today. I didn’t move that 15% either. Thanks though for the confidence in my reputation.:grinning:


I know you were kidding Saul! This is my way of adding a little light-hearted humor to the boards. Gotta keep practicing my dad jokes so I can embarrass my kids when they get older.