OT: Saved, I too need stimulation

“ Whereas with BRK, things roll on…

I’m just not someone who wants to keep THAT close an eye on my holdings. I’m happy letting things ride.”

Here!Here! As time rolls on, BRK ownership and philosophy & adherence to Rule #1 make even more sense. This keeps the BP under control and makes me less likely to do something quite silly. BRK has nearly $50B of current normalized annual earnings and a 10% ROE with WEB buying back in size- that’s quite satisfactory for me, but to each their own! Cheers!


47 year owner now who says simply:

Don’t worry guys, just accept it that Berkshire Hathaway too will have its Alibaba/Facebook moment or period. Many here won’t flinch. If this board is still around there are some, if it is either a longer period or even brief moment, who will jam the panic button. Remember our board is largely focused on stock price(s) not business. Seems most posts are price return comparisons both short and long term.

It is a pretty intense theme here. Berkshire will at some point do terrible in comparison, much worse than recent years which was huge here for some.

Count on it.