OT: Say what you want about the boss, but Tesla is one tough car

All four passengers survived (two apparently uninjured) a 250-300 foot drop done a cliff in a Tesla.



Apparently the safety zone was done right, I’m surprise at the survival, and because there was no fuel to catch fire, they didn’t burn to death either, Bad Dad in any case… Imagine what they all were thinking as they fell all that way down there…

I’ve had trouble imagining if I fell off the roof while blowing out the gutters, so I don’t do it any more! And that’s maybe 10 feet, but it’s that sudden stop that gives me shivers… Did it for many years… No more…

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yeah, and amazing the car landed in that little spot. The water was the more odds on stopping place.

The news said that the car bounced off the cliff a couple of times but came to rest upright on its tires. Do you think that’s because the battery under the deck is so heavy that it righted the car (like loaded dice)?

This is a pretty great endorsement of the safety features of the Tesla. But I doubt they will use it in advertising. :wink:


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I don’t understand how the police concluded the intentionality of driving off the cliff. That section of road is so crooked that a driver could easily go over the edge with just a moment of inattention or loss of control. The cops look for braking and skid marks but a driver could go over the edge before they even realize it. I’m terrified of the California coast road.

The California coast is drop dead gorgeous. But not if you drive a Tesla.

Thankfully the Tesla automobile isn’t as thin skinned as its CEO.


I have not seen anything explaining this, but it’s fairly likely that Tesla would have data telling them what happened with all of the car’s controls. Whether such data actually exists and has been examined I have no idea.

I think most likely is that the wife made an accusation. But that’s pure speculation on my part.

There have been many reports of people walking away from horrific crashes in Teslas. Safest car there is. And that’s not even counting the crashes it avoids entirely using its semi-autonomous capabilities. If this vehicle had been on AutoPilot, it certainly wouldn’t have driven off a cliff.

(And no, I’m not claiming that Tesla’s AutoPilot doesn’t have a variety of things it does wrong, but driving off cliffs isn’t one of them.)

Great comment! :+1:t4:

I don’t understand how the police concluded the intentionality of driving off the cliff.

They talked to the survivors…

Just how does a Tesla mar the scenery?

Puzzled in Portugal…

The Captain

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If you’re driving on the gorgeous California coast in a Tesla, you might do the ‘drop’ but not the ‘dead’.

Therefore it’s not drop dead gorgeous. Maybe drop live gorgeous? See, it was a pun on the phrase ‘drop dead’ and 4 survivors of a big drop.

Um, it was a joke.


I thought one article I read said that there was a witness in another car


Some wives be that way! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Imagine her unbelting in the car. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: