OT: Shuffle

Too many positions, not enough time. Good results, want Great results.
A couple of triples and several doubles? In the History File.

That was easy. :slight_smile:


Ticker	Company                  	Friday	Today	Action	Reasoning
ABMD	ABIOMED, Inc.            	12.0%	15.0%	Added	Kicking butt
ALGN	Align Technology, Inc.   	7.5%	0.0%	Closed	Need more Power
ANET	Arista Networks Inc      	10.0%	10.0%	None	Doing Great
AYX	Alteryx Inc              	0.0%	10.0%	New	Got more Power
FB	Facebook Inc             	4.0%	0.0%	Closed	Need more Power
FMI	Foundation Medicine Inc  	0.0%	5.0%	New	Got more Power
GOOGL	Alphabet Inc             	3.0%	0.0%	Closed	Need more Power
GRUB	GrubHub Inc              	0.0%	10.0%	New	Got more Power
HUBS	HubSpot Inc              	0.0%	5.0%	New	Got more Power
IPGP	IPG Photonics Corporation	6.0%	0.0%	Closed	Need more Power
MA	Mastercard Inc           	3.0%	5.0%	Added	Medium Growth
MKSI	MKS Instruments, Inc.    	5.0%	0.0%	Closed	Need more Power
NKTR	Nektar Therapeutics      	0.0%	15.0%	New	Got more Power
NTNX	Nutanix Inc              	0.0%	7.0%	New	Got more Power
NVDA	NVIDIA Corporation       	16.0%	0.0%	Closed	Need more Power
PAYC	Paycom Software Inc      	3.0%	0.0%	Closed	Need more Power
PSTG	Pure Storage Inc         	2.0%	2.0%	None	New, on trial
PYPL	Paypal Holdings Inc      	4.0%	0.0%	Closed	Need more Power
SHOP	Shopify Inc (US)         	8.0%	5.0%	Cut	Need more Power
SQ	Square Inc               	10.0%	10.0%	None	New, on trial
TREE	Lendingtree Inc          	6.0%	0.0%	Closed	Need more Power
      	Positions                   	17	12	


Well done! I am doing the same.

I was running the growth to revenue and earnings numbers on GRUB, HUBS, PAYC, AYX, NTNX and am wondering why you closed PAYC? My guess is because revenue growth has been slowing down since Q4 of 2016. That just came to me and I have to look at other tickers to see if the same applies (~50% to ~30%, btw this is just what NTNX said it was going to do by 2021.


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Hi Robert,

It doesn’t pay to wonder this time. :slight_smile: There were doubles and triples in the stocks I shed today.
Some had CAGR’s of over 100% for the time I held them. some were stocks I discovered by screening.

But I decided to go balls to the wall and try for the highest returns possible. It actually was
NOT that easy selling some of the stocks I’ve had since 2015. The returns were fine, but not the
best possible, if that makes sense.

My old mentor, Tom Gardner would have a fit seeing this, but you know what? I’m happily married
and I didn’t propose to any of my companies. I just wanted to dance.

Now I want to dance faster.

On top of more serious research, I weighed the results of the tables I posted recently of gains for
some stocks popular here. http://discussion.fool.com/score-33009423.aspx

Here are a few, but some didn’t funnel out as I’m still doing some accounting. (Too many accounts, too
many tranches of a stock.) I know I had some NVDA losers today too, but these are NOT cherry-picked,
but could contain some errors.

Ticker	Gain	CAGR
FB	239.9%	52.7%
GOOGL	112.3%	30.7%
SHOP	137.2%	129.9%
GOOGL	33.7%	35.4%
FB	25.8%	29.0%
FB	104.4%	107.7%
PYPL	68.9%	83.3%
ALGN	96.1%	122.7%
PAYC	64.4%	92.6%
NVDA	17.8%	78.1%
TREE	14.2%	66.6%
IPGP	23.5%	133.3%
TREE	3.7%	17.4%
NVDA	25.8%	181.2%
NVDA	27.4%	190.1%
MKSI	27.9%	198.8%
FB	53.9%	912.4%
ALGN	11.5%	89.6%
NVDA	1.5%	30.9%

You’re right, PAYC did a decent job for me. You might want to hang on to it. :slight_smile:

Good luck!