OT: Stopping the bombing of Gaza would help our economic and democratic well being. Biden can end the bombing of Gaza right now!

For the economic and democratic well being of our country Biden could stop the bombing of Gaza.

[Remember] the year was 1982. What was supposed to have been a limited incursion into southern Lebanon by the Israeli military over the summer, under the leadership of Ariel Sharon, then defense minister (remember him?), morphed into a months-long siege of Beirut and an all-out assault on the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Between June and August, the Israelis cut off food, water and power to the Lebanese capital in a brutal attempt to destroy the PLO, whose fighters were holed up inside a tunnel network below Beirut. (Sound familiar?)

On 12 August, in what would later be dubbed “Black Thursday”, Israeli jets bombed Beirut for 11 consecutive hours, killing more than 100 people. That same day, a horrified Ronald Reagan placed a phone call to Menachem Begin, then Israeli prime minister, to “express his outrage” and condemn the “needless destruction and bloodshed”.

“Menachem, this is a holocaust,” Reagan told Begin.

Yes, an American leader used the H-word in conversation with an Israeli leader. Begin responded with sarcasm, telling the US president that “I think I know what a holocaust is.” Reagan, however, didn’t budge, insisting on the “imperative” for a ceasefire in Beirut.

Twenty minutes. That’s all the time it took for Begin to call back and tell the president he had ordered Sharon to stop the bombing. It was over. “I didn’t know I had that kind of power,” a surprised Reagan told an aide, upon putting down the phone.

Flash forward 42 years and the Israeli assault on Gaza has now gone on for twice as long as the siege of Beirut. In 1982, Reagan was said to have been moved by the image of a single wounded Lebanese child. As of last week, more than 12,300 Palestinian children had been killed in Gaza, and tens of thousands maimed and injured, in just four months.

Forget the world. Joe Biden, like Reagan before him, could end the current carnage with a single phone call to Benjamin Netanyahu. He too has “that kind of power”.


Good cop, bad cop.

US presidents see this as a proxy war between Russia and the US, while SA and the others need cover to pump oil.

Politicians lie? No way! Way?

No, he doesn’t. The October 7 attacks were nothing like anything Israel had experienced in the early 1980’s, and Netanyahu isn’t Begin. This is just wishful thinking. It’s nice to believe that the U.S. President can shape world events to his wishes with nothing more than a phone call, but that’s not reality.


Well I disagree. If Biden told Netanyahu that he must stop the GAZA bombing or else Biden would bring home all the US forces that are protecting Israel, then Netanyahu would stop all the bombing.

I was not aware we had any American troops in Israel. Who are we bringing home?


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Nope. I mean, to start with, Netanyahu would know that Biden wouldn’t do that. Our forces in Israel (and the region) don’t just protect Israel - they allow the US to project power in the broader area. They serve our interests, in addition to the benefits to Israel. Nor would Biden be willing to risk Israel being invaded or defeated on his watch.

But even if Netanyahu took the threat seriously, he’d certainly refuse the ultimatum. Not only is there overwhelming domestic support in Israel for the military action, but Netanyahu benefits politically by standing up to Biden. There’s literally zero chance he would ever accede to a US demand to stop the fighting.


Most of us are not that impressed with what you are saying.

There are no civil rights in the Arab world. You are demanding Israel give way to a system of no civil rights. If you want that so bad why be in the US? Why be from Western Europe? Why insist that Russia win in the Middle East? Why care about Ukraine?

Why do we have forces in Germany and Japan?

Is it all make-believe? The Russians and Chinese have rights and Americans should pack up their tents and stop altogether. Or do we just cherry-pick a couple of battles and dump the Jews?

Give the Gazans a complete open and free election along with a brand new bill of rights…and then it would make sense.

Chicken blanks in Hamas do not operate that way. Until then stop. Just stop. It makes no sense to say Hamas should get a single break.