OT: Superb Macro human system interviews --Harari, Waldinger

These two interviews are superb because the interviewer is NOT the typical ignorant idiot, but a skilled interviewer with capacious knowledge, and Harari has extremely powerful knowledge and perspective on where humans are in our historical development and Waldinger on our social psycho systems.

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The podcast host is a brilliant successful businessman entrepreneur, Steven Bartlett.

and that is part of what makes his podcast gripping for people like those on this board.

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I am watching this as the laundry is on tonight. I am going out to join people at a local bar. I will have some soup.

The first interview is fascinating. His character is more interesting than what he is saying. Happiness has a spectrum.

Happiness is the other end of the spectrum of anxiety. The human character is built on anxiety. Release from anxiety is happiness but it must be on realistic terms. When it is not on realistic terms the anxiety can not be stepped away from regardless of denials or avoidance. He discusses this in its dynamics. His character is studied at each turn.

I am not disagreeing with him. He is very interesting. As my dad would say all of this is his struggle.

We all struggle. There is a point where there is freedom to decide. As dad used to say, “at age 55 I stopped worrying about my golf game, and my golf game got better”.

He just hit choice of emotions, BINGO! Happiness and stress are inside jobs.

“Happiness is not a feeling”, as I am saying it is a release from anxiety that is honest. Gratitude is a release from rage.

He is 59. He may mostly be addressing people who are under the age of 55. That age matters in this.

Noah’s AI fiction


The Palestinian claim is absolute. But not only absolutely correct. It is absolute in its bigotry and rejection of Jews. The Sephardic Jews in particular can not live with Arab dictators with any dose from the Arab society of decency. The price becomes Palestine being Israel. It is not just a story. The poverty for Jews in Arab dictatorships is extreme historically. The Jews are claiming payment from the Muslims and the Ashkenazi Jews from the Europeans.

The arrangement of Israel is profitable to everyone. Except the Palestinians who have never worked to bridge or resolve the Muslim schism. The individual is across the schism but the powers in Islam are not.

Tax coffers around the world are filled by Israeli Jewish technologies that make for efficiencies used throughout modern societies. Israel might be the only exporter of huge wealth in this world.

The proxy wars between Russia and the US are watered down as we go from generation to generation. These issues are extreme in their true importance. That is not just a difference of stories.

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