OT:The drive back

I awoke early. No use trying to sleep anymore. The car was packed, so I got dressed and left.

Google says the drive is a little over 14 hours.

The Toyota is comfortable and reliable. The audible book plays across the blue tooth to the stereo no problem.

John Stienback entertained me with “Travels with Charlie” The year was 1962. It is amazing how much has changed and how much hasn’t. Politics still divide, media still cannot be trusted and there is still existential threat hanging over humanities head.

However, we are still here, we are richer than ever. For me the sun set over Nebraska as a huge white ball and a sickle of a moon appeared high in the western sky.

Amazon seranaded me with oldies from the seventies. and Google was only an hour off its mark.



Hi Qazu, loved your story. As a admirer of John Steinbeck years ago, I always loved this book “Travels with Charley”. In fact, I named one of my little dogs, Charley with the exact unique spelling. In the novel, Charley, was a standard sized poodle, not the little ones, the tall ones. He spoke so lovingly of his dog and all the people he met as he travelled the country in his truck with the camper on it.

John Steinbeck understood people. He was also the author of “Grapes of Wrath”. Wonderful author.

I hope your trip home was safe and sound and sleeping in this morning. :slight_smile:

Lucky Dog