OT: The Roots of Gender Madness in Politics

The Philosopher Judith Butler, who over 30 years ago set off the crazy politicized gender explosion with a difficult and esoteric book called Gender Trouble, has some more pedestrian observations to make about where we are now in her new book Who’s Afraid of Gender?

dismantles how gender has been constructed as a threat throughout the modern world — to national security in Russia; to civilization, according to the Vatican; to the American traditional family; to protecting children from pedophilia and grooming, according to some conservatives. In a single word, “gender” holds the power to seemingly drive people mad with fear.

Good article on a brilliant road tested thinker, and I am going to read the book.

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Gender divides life forms into male and female and brings them together to make whoopee! Some people like to make simple complicated. Like with everything else, there are exceptions.

The Captain