OT: The Wrong Stuff - melanin maybe

The world is full of heroes we have never heard of.


I wouldn’t call him a hero. He’s just a guy and some things happened to him like everybody. And maybe he wasn’t as good a pilot as the others but being Black he was useful for somebody else’s political agenda and they rushed things too much and he sort of caught the hell for it. And, maybe either apart from or concomitantly with that, those other pilots were every bit as racist as implied in the article. But it’s Black history month so he’s a “hero.”

He is, however, a what I’ll call A Real Man based on his closing statements:

This guy was being honest to what he was trained to do. The structure of his life, his culture, his personality, all were implanted in Chuck when he was a kid. He didn’t know anything about social liberalism. It was foreign to this man,” Dwight says. He adds: “That doesn’t make what they were doing right.”

Instead, Dwight is filled with gratitude. His one recommendation is that every congressman and senator be flown on a sub-orbital flight so they can see the Earth from above. Everyone, he thinks, would realize the absurdity of racism from that height.

“I’d advise everybody to go through what I went through, and then they’d have a different view of this country and how sacred it is,” Dwight says. “We’re on this little ball flying around the galaxy.”

Of course this is all the end result of slavery and colonization.