OT: This is going to bug me

A trillion cicadas? I probably won’t even need my hearing aids.

A rare dual emergence that occurs once every 221 years. That’s almost as rare as Congress passing an immigration bill.

Apparently this will cause a food bonanza for all sorts of predators (does this mean Harvey Weinstein will put on even more weight?).

This, AND a total eclipse and my city is almost dead center of the path.

An omen for the end of days?


We will have to watch our dog carefully; she is only too happy t run along the ground scooping stuff up like a bucket loader.

Last time we had cicadas (and just a single eruption that time) our (then) dog did that and was sick for days.

On the positive side, during cicada years the birds have so much to eat they tend to leave the berries alone. Look for a good crop of Juneberries…



Note that each variety tends to be typical of a zone, one more northerly and one more southerly. So, while there might be some overlap at the edges, most places will only experience one. Apparently, they can be told apart by their songs.