OT - Todays market

This is VERY OT, SO PLEASE DON’T RESPOND ON THE BOARD and add to an OT thread, but feel free to respond off board if necessary.

This was one of those very strange days when the averages were down all day, and my portfolio was up all day, in spite of being invested in all those over-valued loss-making stocks that are supposed to develop pneumonia when the market sneezes. At any rate my portfolio was up an enormous one-day movement of 5.51% while:

The S&P was down 0.15%
The Russ was down 0.22%
The IJS was down 0.58%
The Dow was down 0.32%
The Nasdaq was up 0.42%

The average of the five was down 0.17%

Of course, 4 of my 11 positions announced earnings on Tues and Weds, and a down market couldn’t hold them back. They were up an average of 9.54%, but all 11 of my stocks were up something, the least being The Trade Desk, up just 1.25%, “held back” because their COO announced he’ll retire in the middle of next year. (So what?)

I think that a day like today continues to show what the market has shown all year, that our stocks are somewhat independent of market moves. This is because our companies are insulated by having recurring revenue, but especially by helping enterprises, whose primary businesses are in other fields, adapt to the changing world of technology and the cloud. Basically, they are needed whatever the market is doing.