OT: Turkana, Kenya

From September 2021:

Turkana: The front line of climate change
There are few places in the world where the consequences of a changing climate are as plain to see as in Turkana, in northern Kenya. The pastoralist communities who live there have been buffeted by recurring droughts, as inadequate rainy seasons become a normal part of life. Now the land is so dry, some people are forced to spend their days simply searching for water.

From February 2022:

‘We relied on the lake. Now it’s killing us’: climate crisis threatens future of Kenya’s El Molo people
Lake Turkana’s shores have been home to the El Molo for millennia but as rising waters swallow homes and sacred sites they face losing everything…A 2021 UN Environment Programme report stated how the climate crisis will lead to heavier rains over the lake’s key river inflows creating a further rise in the water levels over the next 20 years, with more social, cultural and economic impacts for nearby communities such as the El Molo.


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