OT: Upstart (UPST) Not Pretty

For anyone whose focus is on guidance, QTR and YTD results, and all time highs…Upstart’s
likely to disappoint them in the next few months/years. It’s not going to be be pretty for Upstart.
Lot’s of noise, bumps, angst, retooling the business, and conjecture about its ability to remain a
going concern. And quite possibly a single digit stock price – soon and for some time.

For anyone who can ignore what Upstart’s price does for the next 5-10 years, and the money they
invest in Upstart is money they can afford to lose 100% without risking their financial goals, then
5-10 years from now they should be quite pleased with Upstart’s owner cash flows.

That opinion will cost you two cents, with a 50% discount for seniors.

Please send your payment to Ears, c/o Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.

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You cannot predict what happens in future. However, I think UPST, learned a lesson. They thought they had market permission to do whatever they want. Not just UPST many companies IPO’ed last year. I am sure they are all learning. How many are quick to learn, abandon their IPO pitch and understand they have acquired new set of investors, re-orient their business from growth any cost to sustainable growth, preserving the balance sheet, etc. are going to thrive.

I missed the UPST $25. I am slow to setup watchlist, but planning to setup, Last year broken IPO’s with a strong balance sheet and declining SGA may be a worthwhile screen.

You cannot predict what happens in future.

Sure I can.

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