OT: Upstart (UPST) notes

Upstart’s job postings are down from 140 openings on March 11th to 46 today. Two weeks ago there
were openings for six technical recruiters, no openings as of today. Either they are filling openings
in record time or they’re cutting back on hiring.

Meanwhile, Tala has 60 job openings. Tala is a private startup that makes microloans of $10 to $500
to customers with little or no borrowing history in Mexico, the Philippines, Kenya, and India. UPST
has a $41 million investment in Tala as of 3/31/2022 (see Balance Sheet, Non-Marketable Equity
Securities) and Upstart’s Paul Gu is on Tala’s Board of Directors.



Still 46 job postings… interesting.