OT - Ursula von der Leyen vows never to work with Europe’s far-right parties

The chief of the European Commission has vowed to never work with extremist parties such as the far-right Alternative für Deutschland, no matter how big a vote they get in the European elections in June.

Ursula von der Leyen, officially launching her campaign for a second term in Brussels’s top job against a backdrop of rising concern over security and Russia, said on Wednesday she would only work with “pro-European, pro-Nato, pro-Ukrainian, clear supporters of our democratic values”.

There was no place in a democratic Europe, she said, for “Putin’s friends” – a position she said would still stand even if those parties performed well in the European parliament elections.


And I doubt they will work with her.


Including Hamas?


They already do not work with her!

You do not know your politics or geography. Hamas is not a member of the EU!


Putin has caused enough misery in Syria by extending Assad’s regime. It is all Greater Syria. If Hamas was there in power tomorrow Syria would invade. Just like it did with Lebanon. The ambitions have not stopped.

The Soviets put the Arabs against Israel instead of making it work in the first place.

So it seems she is just confirming her already existing position. Did anyone expect otherwise?


Ursula von der Leyen is running for re-election. She needs to tell everyone where she stands.

Kaja Kallas did the same thing last year when she ran for re-election. She was re-elected.

Reality check, if a far right party is the elected government, she either works with them, or tosses her “supporters of our democratic values” thing in the dustbin.


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Or she shows herself a real instead of pretend “statesman” and resigns her position with a speech issuing a dire warning.

d fb

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She will not lose! As already stated by d fb, she is a real “statesman” in the EU. Orban is chicken little and Putin’s friend. The right wing leaders will squire like worms after the EU elections!