OT: US rebukes Israel for demolishing activist home in Jerusalem

The unusually forceful US condemnation of Israeli actions came hours after Fakhri Abu Diab, a campaigner against demolitions, said that dozens of Israeli personnel tore down his home of 38 years near the Old City.

“Ten of us were living here – my wife, my three children and five members of the extended family. Now we’re literally on the street, asking neighbors and passers-by to help us,” Abu Diab told AFP in Jerusalem.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said the United States condemned the demolition and would encourage Israel not to target other homes.

“He has been an outspoken community leader including against demolition and now his family has been displaced,” Miller said of Abu Diab.

“These acts obstruct efforts to advance a durable and lasting peace and security that would benefit not just Palestinians, but Israelis,” he told reporters.

“They damage Israel’s standing in the world, and they make it ultimately more difficult for us to accomplish all of the things we are trying to accomplish that would ultimately be in the interests of the Israeli people,” he said.

He noted that part of the building dates before 1967, when Israel captured east Jerusalem – home of sites holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians – in the Six-Day War. Israel later annexed east Jerusalem, a move not recognized by most of the international community.


Israeli’s standing is better than Russia’s, China’s, NK’s, and plenty of others.

Israel’s standing is better than Hamas’s.

If you ask the man on the street in Saudi Arabia, Israel’s standing possibly is better than America’s.

Don’t be gullible just because something is in print.

Israel’s standing is probably better with most people than Ukraine’s standing.

America is giving cover to the Arab oil nations to keep pumping oil. Nice words for some ears.

Please pay equal attention and time to Yemen.

Do not just worry about some Arabs and not others.

Let’s have equal dramatics for all Arabs.

The Yemen Civil War was/is sparked by Saudi Arabia making an oil grab on the border with Yemen. Stealing their oil.

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