OT: vote early, vote often

Today is the Presidential primary in Michigan.

As some may recall, I volunteered to work in a polling place in 2018. Have not worked that gig since. I received three cards in the mail from the township clerk this year: two addressed to “registered voter” at my address, reminders about election day, and early voting, which is now a thing in Michigan. The third card was addressed to me by name (I had hoped my name would have dropped out of their system by now) pleading for people to work at polling places.

When I did it in 18, there were 6 people assigned to work in each precinct. Today, there were 9 people in evidence, to work three precincts at that location, half the number that would have worked there with 2018 staffing levels.

Think all the threats and intimidation directed at election workers in 2020 had an impact on people’s willingness to do the work?

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