OTsortof: USA Master Sergeant on War in Ukraine

Terrific interview with Malcolm Vance, the type of soldier that gives me great confidence in the USA military.

In 1979 I left California for a lucrative short term assignment maintaining an experimental portable combined computer communications command and control system (VAX monster with four user terminals all packed into a heavy army trailer with comms gear in trailer alongside) I had helped debug (mostly) and make operable the year before. It was to be parked and tested near NATO-Warsaw front lines (in deep woodlands in between Fulda Gap and Frankfurt).

When I explained where I would be and generally what I would be doing to my ex-USAA Colonel dad, he said, after only a few seconds pause, "Find the smart mostly congenial Master Sergeant who is almost certainly managing the place and do what you reasonably can to be useful to him. If any Russian stuff comes down ask that guy for advice and follow his suggestions lilke orders.

The guy interviewed in the video is the spiritual grandson my smart congenial Fulda Gap Sergeant.

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I watched it. My take.
1)US loses asymmetric wars.
2)Ukraine NEED many more troops.
3)Ukraine initially destroyed the Russian offensive.
4)Russia strategy has adapted which was why Ukraine 2023 offensive failed. And has divided its troops into 4 different types.

Russia has divided it troops into 4 types.:Each group has a function: line infantry, assault infantry, specialized infantry, and disposable troops.

Line infantry are used for holding ground and general defensive operations. These are usually conscripts.

Disposable troops are, ahem, disposable… These small squads are used to identify Ukrainian positions. These are also conscripts but could also have convicts.

No large tank battles are occurring in Ukraine. Russian tanks are being utilized as artillery in support of infantry. They are located a kilometer behind their infantry. Old T-55 tanks in which Russia has thousands are good for that purpose.

Russia continues to out-produce the West in artillery rounds.

The US has not fought a long term industrial based, attritional war since WW2.
US support for Gaza offensive means shortages of 2 weapons that Ukraine could use:155mm artillery rounds and stingers.

We cannot supply enough munitions for Ukraine & Israel wars.

If the West is serious about the possibility of a great power conflict, it needs to take a hard look at its capacity to wage a protracted war and to pursue a strategy focused on attrition rather than manoeuvre.