Over and Over and Over Again

Today I sold the TBs I picked up yesterday after selling them the day before after I had picked them up a couple of days before that.

Starting to make me really self aware about this: It simply cannot be this easy. Can it? Now…I know what you are thinking: Boy that Champico is trying to time the market instead of sticking to the old tried and true LTBH - its coming Champico and you’re gonna really get it!

Except…that in some form or fashion I do have LTBH with the STARTER core allocations. So - the way I see it - I’m just taking advantage of the market timing itself by grabbing rebounds, quickly shuffling outlet passes to STARTERS streaking down the court for easy fast break points. Or something very similar to that.

But…still…I wonder about it myself and perhaps the BIG KABOOM is in fact coming for me as the market gods frown at my impertinent In and Out Burger strategy self. Could be. So…I took a video of me taunting the market as it stinks up my portfolio:


Important Tip 1: Pride Goeth Before a Fall.

Important Tip 2) That really wasn’t a video of me.

Anyway - here are the TB sell numbers for today:

DDOG +5.9%
SNOW +4.88
MDB. +6.44
BILL +4.93
S… +5.92
CRWD +4.40

Not to shabby a return for about half a day or so.

All the Best,