OY: Ukraine invasion day and Estonian independence day

How do Estonians celebrate Independence Day?

Each year, February 24th is marked by fireworks, concerts, a parade of the Defense Forces, and a presidential reception. Families come from all over to admire military units and listen to the orchestras of the Estonian Defense Forces, Police and Border Guard, and the United States Air Force. Following the parade, the Estonian president usually gives a televised speech and bestows state decorations to guests of honour at a national reception. Most events are also broadcast on TV throughout the day.

Here’s the typical schedule for Independence Day celebrations on February 24th:

This year’s events may have a more somber tone since February 24th also marks the second anniversary of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

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Some Americans are saying we should not support Ukraine. They like Putin.

I guess if the Bill of Rights comes in second we can fully understand that.

I know Hamas has no clue what a bill of rights is. Any such laws in Russia, China, and all of the Arab nations are cheap trash.

So let’s take sides. Do not cherry-pick our battles like fools.