Pandas: a sign of the times?

DC is in Panda-monium as China Takes Back Beloved Bears
Later this year the three pandas living in the National Zoo will be sent to China, which has the rights to pandas in captivity all over the world. Their departure will leave Washington without at least one of the rotund, cuddly-looking bears for only the second time since Richard Nixon’s breakthrough with Beijing in 1972. The breakdown in US-China relations is bamboozling many in the city.



China’s pandas have to be regarded as a public relations coup. People loved them everywhere and stood in line to see them.

What will zoos do with that space to recoup that buzz? Other cuddly animals? Which ones?

I’ve thought several times that zoos should all have a “newborn” area/exibit. Something like a baby orangutan or a lemur family is tremendously crowd pleasing.