Papers, papers, show us your papers

Those making the largest accusations seem to be the ones doing it.

Those making the largest accusations seem to be the ones doing it.

It appears to be a matter of who is doing the illegal voting. The bill is aimed at brown people, the “replacement” conspiracy theory that the COMMIES are bringing millions of brown people across the border to replace all the white people and take over Shiny-land.

I remember when blatantly racist rhetoric was frowned on. It has become mainstream. This clip is nearly 20 years old. I was watching O’Reilly the evening this conversation happened. My 1970s sensibilities could barely grasp that such attitudes would be aired on a prominent 'news" channel.

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The verbiage and attitudes do not need to be normalized.

A Philadelphia paper just wrote a major article on the debate stating the facts about two impeachments, convictions etc…how neither is fit but TFG is not seeing calls to get out.

That would break a lot of databases where the SSN field is defined as numeric (integer) or specifically formatted and validated to a check-digit etc.

I notice no one has commented on the potential for ‘class’ on a national id, ostensibly for identification of say immigration status, but available for so much more in a less than egalitarian government…

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It’s maddening, isn’t it? Sexual assault convictions, business fraud, campaign finance fraud, stealing secret documents, cozying up to dictators, attempting to steal an election and refusing to accept election results once again. And yet nobody is asking for him to drop out. Howard Dean lost his bid just because he screamed for crying out loud. This makes no sense. Make it make sense. Please.

Stuff like this has all made me wonder if Joe has made powerful enemies. His embracing of unions, tax the corporations, tax the rich, the shift away from oil to renewables. All that has surely made him some powerful enemies. How else to explain that the media only talks about ONE of them dropping out?


If the media reports on a train wreck the reporters sabotage the tracks to have a few more train wrecks.

The calls to get out and the panic come from the fear that if the POTATUS doesn’t step down his party is going to lose a lot down ballot in a few months. You probably wouldn’t want to be Senator Tester (D-Montana).

In addition, it’s not the best optics/politics to nominate someone who is showing the symptoms of Parkinson’s.


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Those were nonissues. Especially the Parkinson’s.

The only issue that matters is price stability. Take that away from TFG and he only insults people.

He is asking people to be very stupid.

They may be non-issues to you, but that doesn’t make them so to others. Polls show a post-debate shift, and large donors aren’t answering their phones (e.g., George Clooney’s op-ed in the NYT).


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And it’s the best optics to nominate someone who tried to overthrow an election? Someone found guilty of sexual assualt and financial fraud? That’s my point – why the clamor only for ONE of them to step down?


Guys, lets get back on track wrt who is a citizen, what extremes do people need to go to prove it.

The Immigration Department is chewing on my inquiry, Looking forward to what they find.


As noted in my earlier reply, there are significant money and political factors that are not symmetric.


Money and power. This has nothing to do with whether someone tried to overthrow an election, or whether someone is diminished. It all has to do with money and power. :frowning:

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They are both considerably diminished.

It is entertaining to watch one of them claim he had a cognitive test.

Well, elections are about choosing government rulers, and ruling is about power. (Politics ain’t beanbag, to quote Mr. Dooley.)

As for money, it’s what makes the world go round – ask Mr. Clooney or Mr. Soros. It is also what pays for museums, art galleries and research institutes. (What is the endowment of MIT? $30 billion?)


Nonsense to reality … not necessarily to the media.

We have managed to go through fixing databases before, eventually they will have to do something.

Where I live they do that with IDs, you have a different version and number scheme for Citiizen, Pern Resident, Dependant Pass, etc.

In a way I guess US has it, if you are a citizen then no national ID but if you are a a Perm resident you get a Green Card. I think it makes more sense to have a national driver license/ID than having to change every time you move states.


It is useful to ask who benefits most from keeping to our less sensible way. Who protects the status quo.

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Always a good question to ask when considering policy arguments. Also useful, “Follow the money.”*

*With a nod to the late great Robert Towne, writer of Chinatown, where I first heard the quote.

Donors Tell Pro-Biden Super PAC Roughly $90 Million in Pledges Is Frozen
Some major Democratic donors have told the largest pro-Biden super PAC, Future Forward, that roughly $90 million in pledged donations is now on hold if President Biden remains atop the ticket, according to two people who have been briefed on the conversations. The frozen contributions include multiple eight-figure commitments…