Pay if you like does not work

The Blender Guru out of Oz has his take on this. It is not a surprise.

This is the result of a “pay what you want” experiment I ran on 4 products on


over the last 4 years. Store: Out of 33,619 downloads: 1. 99.29% people donated nothing. Only 1 in 141 opted to donate something. 2. Of those that donated, the average amount was $2.97. 3. Total revenue earned in 4 years: $602.62 or about 2 cents per download. I wish I could say otherwise, but my advice to creators is to simply not bother. Unless you want literal pocket change, you should put a price on your products.

Some suggestions for how


could improve this: 1. Make a “Cancel donation within 24 hours” option, so you can at least try it before the money leaves your account. Fear of the product not working is likely the #1 reason many give $0. See:… 2. Equalize the friction of donating vs not by requiring everyone to add an active credit card on signup. That way good samaritans aren’t punished with more fields to fill out. It would annoy free users but also increase the % of people who opt in (because there’s no extra effort). 3. Add a “whiteboard” perk for donators to leave their name and a message on the wall of the product. Recognition is cheap, but means a lot to many. 4. Take $0 purchasers to an extra “nudge” screen. “Psst! This is your 148th free product. Are you sure you want to give nothing back to the creator?”

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