Paycom to join S&P 500

The stock that keep giving is getting a boost. Up $14.20 AH!

Paycom (NYSE:PAYC) will replace WellCare (NYSE:WCG) in the S&P 500, effective prior to the open of trading on January 28.…



PAYC is my largest long term gain: up 565% over the past 3-4 years. It has proven to be the steadiest buy and hold position in my portfolio.

I agree, LEGOABS, PAYC is the stock that keeps on giving…and the addition of PAYC to the S&P 5OO on January 28 will only add to the bullish story. Thank you for bringing this stock to the attention of the board.



PAYC was one of the first Saul stocks I acquired over 3 yrs ago. Since it was recommended on another MF service I kept it after trimming when Saul sold. Up over 600% since then.

Thank you Saul and MF!

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I’m not sure if getting added to S&P is necessarily good in the long-term. I remember ANET going up when it was getting added but suffered weeks later.

Interestingly, I just joined this discussion group. I happened to own both PAYC and WCG. I was tracking the portfolio today and wondered how come I can’t get a quote from WCG? and found out it’s merging with another company.

I believe PAYC will continue to perform after being added to SP500… They got huge competitive advantage and growth. It blows Workday away!

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