Pentagon Zero Trust Office

The Pentagon seems to have stepped up its pace to implement Zero Trust. They are creating an office specifically to speed up adoption of zero trust. The article states that the Pentagon won’t be prescriptive about which products its “enclaves” choose so long as they work together.

This seems significant coming on the heels of the Oct 28 announcement that DoD has “granted Zscaler Private Access™ (ZPA™) a Provisional Authorization To Operate (P-ATO) at Impact Level 5 (IL5), as published in the Department of Defense Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (DoD CC SRG).”

Contracting doesn’t move fast in the government, which was hinted at during the last earnings call with ZS.

I am not an expert in Defense contracting, but my experience is that once they get a company approved and on contract, that company becomes the easy button for lots of other parts of the defense structure. And they tend to stick with that company for a very long time. Also, I can’t think of a time when a company charged DoD a “good” rate.

Link to article below. Perhaps this will be discussed in the December earnings call.
Could also be good for other zero trust companies that are popular on the board.…

Hope this was helpful.