Perspective on a down week

From Monday’s closing prices to today’s week ending closing prices, my portfolio is down a non-trivial 6.7%. That said, the end of last week through Monday was probably a bit of a local high in the market, as I posted over the weekend on the NPI board when I also mentioned that I didn’t see any good opportunities at that time (… ). I did make several purchases today, with what looked to be much more attractive prices (all call option purchases, JD, NTNX, AYX, and PVTL).

For the perspective part, despite being down 6.7% on the week, for the year to date, I am still up 29.7% with the S&P500 only up 3.0% (no dividends included in that, to keep things simple but you could add probably 1.2% to that for about a half year of roughly 2.4% yield for the index…which is only a guess off the top of my head).

So, sure it wasn’t the best week for the stocks I own, but for the year to date, I am still glad to be selector of some individual stocks. For the time period from when I first discovered this board, I am still at a 45.3% CAGR.

noting that this week was merely one week, as were the few weeks prior that had some substantial share price increases

/Update to the BBN list from Memorial Day that used closing prices of May 25th (so a 4 week update), since the numbers are easy enough to plug in (NTNX looks quite enticing again now, IMO):

Ticker	5/25/2018	6/22/2018	% change
NTNX	 $52.50 	 $54.34 	 3.50%
AYX	 $32.49 	 $36.97 	13.79%
PSTG	 $20.74 	 $23.82 	14.85%
PVTL	 $18.12 	 $25.15 	38.80%
NVDA	$246.76 	$250.95 	 1.70%
MDB	 $44.99 	 $56.94 	26.56%
S&P500	 2,721.33      2,754.89 	 1.23%
Not on the list, but should have been:
IQ	 $22.79 	 $36.29 	59.24%
HUYA	 $23.93 	 $35.85 	49.81%


Of course it was last week that I made several significant moves to consolidate my portfolio, adding several percent each to NTNX, PVTL, MDB and AYX. Back to being patient. Well, vigilant, and patient.

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