Perspective on ZM…

Interesting point of view regarding competition from Facebook and other recently discussed concerns relating to ZM.

Two key points are.

  1. Expect ZM to blow away any competition

  2. The world is their TAM

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I’m pretty sure that anyone expecting 50% growth a month is going to be severely disappointed, given Coronavirus lockdowns started happening mid-March, so that would have been the month that they would have gone from low usage at the beginning of the month to high usage by the end of the month, and the total DAU for the month of March being low compared to April, even if usage in April is holding steady at the exit rate in March.

I do notice something interesting looking at Google Trends, however.

Google searches for Zoom are much higher on weekdays than they are on weekends.…

If you look at the troughs, they all appear over the weekend, then the weekdays they shoot straight back up again, although interest appears to be dying down since the peak on April 1.

To me, this suggests that most of the people searching for Zoom, are most likely doing so for work related reasons, not to talk to friends on Saturday night. Which would be a really good sign for next quarter’s earnings. But this is all very early on so we have to wait and see what the future holds.

However, you can see that Zoom had a popularity level of 4 as late as March 8. Meaning probably still had not much more than 10 million DAU by that point. You can see it went from 14 to 34 on March 16, the first day of business after Trump called Coronavirus a National Emergency.

Zoom’s bread and butter remains Enterprise. Enterprise, the corporation decides what software to use. Even if an employee wanted to start using Zoom, they may not be able to due to restrictions on what can be downloaded on corporate equipment.


Heh heh, awkward moment!

According to a report from The New York Times, the son of Google’s chief business officer interrupted a recent company meeting over Google Meet, Google’s videoconferencing software, to say how much he and his friends like Zoom.