PFIE - I surrender: what's up?

I figured someone would have found a link by now. PFIE gained about 10% on about 8x normal volume, with MOST of that volume, and gain, happening late in the session (I’d say day, but that’s relative!).

All I could find so far are some web links noting the volume spike, but no reason, explanation, nor conspiracy theory.

Any info out there - this seems like more than just normal volatility. I’m wondering to myself if a bottom is happening.


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Technical traders were saying that PFIE was oversold and due for a correction.

The high volume in combination with a chart intra-day that shows a base of support forming ever since lows in morning is a good sign in my view that this is set to rise higher soon.
Tuesday, 03/24/15 03:31:43 PM…

Less than 10 min after I posted that the intra-day volume & pattern is showing good sign for a rise soon, then … BOOM!! It flew up toward 1.40+ in an instant.
Tuesday, 03/24/15 03:58:38 PM…

I’m watching crude prices to find an entry point. I’m not interested in short term trading of the stock.

BTW, the big volume could be short sellers cashing out.

Denny Schlesinger

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