PI at Needham notes from yesterday

Haven’t been here in awhile. Here’s my notes from yesterday.

PI @ Needham - 1/11/22

Fireside format with CEO & CFO.

  • They limited comments specific to Q4, but said strength was across the board in Endpoint ICs as well as systems, specifically Reader ICs. Gross margins continued to expand.

  • Faster than expected pilot activity in food retail. That is a monster statement and caught the eye of the Needham analyst, as well as the stock price. The interest at this point is at the pallet and case level to identify freshness/age of products, so more of a logistics opp at this stage versus checkout.

  • Discussed software opp. Ray said half of their engineering team is software development. The main focus is improving deployment speed and accuracy, but they also are developing adjunct capabilities.

  • They see existing Auto-ID players as more partners vs. competitors.


Not much interest for a stock hitting all time highs. Cooters