PICTURES have finally emerged of Russia's

PICTURES have finally emerged of Russia’s flagship Moskva sinking in flames as sailors recount having their limbs ripped off during a Ukrainian missile strike.

It comes as video footage has surfaced appearing to show the stricken Moskva with smoke pouring from it and a rescue tug boat nearby.…

It comes as deep anger of the families of those missing - and feared dead - has emerged despite efforts by the authorities to silence relatives.

These include conscripts who Putin had vowed were not being sent into the war zone.

The young sailor who witnessed the carnage on the Moskva was revealed by Novaya Gazeta, Russia’s leading investigative media outlet, now operating from outside the country after being gagged by Putin.

“My son said the cruiser was hit from the land, from the Ukrainian side, because the fire on board would not have started without a reason.

“There are people who were killed, wounded and missing.…