Pivotal day for the market

The first Pivotal earnings coming up after market today


Any expectations from you, SteppenWulf?

Think the 150+% dollar-based retention rate could hold? If so, I don’t know if any other number will matter much.

long PVTL SEPT 2018 $22.50 calls, which have more than doubled since purchasing them early last week

I don’t have any insights or expectations, except that they have a smart management team, so they will probably blow away the revenue expectations they set, and will low ball the outlook.

The stock hasn’t had a crazy run-up, so I don’t expect to see our usual price action of buy the rumour, sell the news (i.e. no big drop after market). Which means the strategy some on this board use, to sell the rumour and buy the news may not be as effective in this case - need to have inflated expectations before you can disappoint them.

I suppose there is some small chance of a crazy up move, like TTD - I’ll just be watching the results on the edge of my seat at 4ish :slight_smile:


I suppose there is some small chance of a crazy up move, like TTD - I’ll just be watching the results on the edge of my seat at 4ish :slight_smile:

Here we go.

Here’s a link to the IR page for PVTL.

Should show up shortly at this link:

who almost sold part of his PVTL Sep 2018 22.50 calls just before close, but the price didn’t hit, so the whole position is riding through these earnings

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The instant results appear to be a bump of >7% for the shares.

We’ll see what happens from here.

The Seeking Alpha insta-report:

The link to the release from Pivotal’s site:

long PVTL call options


Now “only” up about 4.5% after-hours.

For some more quick numbers.

250.3M shares…latest price of $22.30 (after-hrs, so very volatile) = market cap of $5.58B
Cash on the balance sheet is $645M
Didn’t see debt, so Enterprise Value = $4.94 billion

2018 Revenue guidance for the full-year is about $645M at the midpoint.

So, current EV/sales for the guidance is about 7.7. Not shabby with a 156% dollar-based retention rate for subscribers and having just shifted from barely negative to barely positive cash flow…but not as low a ratio as PSTG, of course.

long PVTL Sept $22.50 call options; long PSTG (including July 2018 call options)

Earnings CC presentation is now available on the IR site:

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PVTL up 10% in pre-market this morning.